Search Experience Marketing

Search experience marketing. What is your story?

Search experience marketing is the term that encompasses the entirety of this journey—and for medium- and large-scale enterprises, it’s a critical way to maintain your brand’s visibility from the start of a buyer’s journey well past the actual decision point.

Achieving success through search experience marketing requires a truly rigorous and comprehensive approach, with guidance from seasoned professionals. That’s where Digital Advertiser comes in. With a data-driven methodology, a wide gamut of marketing tools, and a wealth of experience, we are the industry leaders in search experience marketing. We can provide your enterprise with the overarching strategy it needs for search experience marketing success.

What Does Search Experience Marketing Entail?

Search experience marketing is truly vast in its scope—and as such, it requires the proper implementation of several different marketing toolsets.

Local SEO

An ongoing local SEO campaign helps improve visibility within Google’s map pack, displaying the most trusted local businesses, provides confidence to the consumer, both at the discovery and decision stages of their journey.

Organic SEO

Similarly, strong search engine visibility—not just in paid ads, but in the organic results—establishes the trustworthiness of your brand.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Consumers will consult with reviews and other sources of online information before making their purchase decision—making your online reputation critical.


Paid ad placement is another critical aspect of search experience marketing, and can wield influence at the actual decision point in the customer’s journey.

Display and Retargeting

This is where brands seek to stay visible among consumers even post-purchase, driving the likelihood of repeat purchases.

For each of these different disciplines, Digital Advertiser offered unparalleled retargeting and display advertising experience—and we can pull all of it together into a seamless search experience marketing strategy that gets the results you’re looking for, with data and analytics to prove ROI at every step of the way.

Who Benefits from Search Experience Marketing?

All companies stand to benefit from search experience marketing. With that said, it is a comprehensive endeavor, and therefore it can take up a lot of marketing dollars. For this reason, we recommend it most highly to medium and large enterprises that are truly looking to dominate their fields.

Move Ahead with Search Experience Marketing

Digital Advertiser boats SEO, PPC, and content marketing professionals who can truly deliver on the promises of search experience marketing. We’d love to talk with you about it, and to determine if your business is a good fit for this marketing approach. Contact Digital Advertiser today to set up a consultation.

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